Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Sale

I'm going to sell few of my cosmetics (dah xde duit ;p)..I take good care of my belongings so obviously, these are still in good condition, no worries. All of these are authentic. 

1. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist. I bought this on 26th of January 2012.
Occasionally used.
Normal price: Rp 119,000
Selling price: Rp 80,000 = RM26.60

2. Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup in Medium Deep. Very nice foundation containing slightly shimmer in it. Unfortunately I bought the wrong shade for my skin. Bought in November 2011.
Rarely used.
Normal price: Rp 150,000
Selling price: Rp 100.000 = RM33.00

3. Revlon CustomEyes shadow & liner in Smoky Sexy (left to right: black-liner, grey, white, royal blue and light sky-blue) All colours are shimmery. Very pigmented with the aid of eye primer. Bought in November 2011. Unfortunately, the grey eyeshadow is cracked just a bit.
Seldomly used.
Normal price: Rp 100,000
Selling price: Rp 55,000 = RM18.20

4. Maybelline Clear Smooth blush in Fresh Berry and Fresh Apricot. Highly pigmented. Bought in November 2011.
Very rarely used.
Normal price: Rp 40,000/each
Selling price: Rp 25,000/each = RM8.30

5. Lipsticks and lip butter.
From left to right:

Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Pink In The Afternoon. Warm pinkish-orange colour. Bought in August 2011.
Rarely used.
Normal price: around Rp 37,000 (can't remember)
Selling price: Rp 15,000 = RM5.00

Revlon Matte lipstick in Pink Pout. Cool purply-pink colour. Bought in August 2011.
Rarely used.
Normal price: Rp 50,000
Selling price: Rp 25,000 = RM8.30

New! Revlon ColorBurst lip butter in Pink Truffle. Brownish-pink colour with fine shimmer. Bought in February 2012.
Rarely used.
Normal price: Rp 75,000
Selling price: Rp 60,000.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Rose. Soft red-brown colour. Bought in August 2011.
Rarely used.
Normal price: Rp 75,000
Selling price: Rp 55,000 = RM18.30

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks.

Sila tinggalkan komen jika ada soalan atau berminat nak beli. Thank you.
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* RM1=Rp3,011
Selling to friends and family


rehan who said...

ana, lawanya lipstik ana..kalau yan ada kat sana boleh try..yan baru beli Revlon Pure & Matte No.003..eli pakai lawa, bila yan pakai tak berapa lawa plak hehe..yang Pink Truffle n Soft Rose tu nampak menarik..blusher pun ape maksud highly pigmented?

en.mokhtar said...

kalo yan nak,nnt ana bawak blk,,InsyaAllah..
Revlon Pure & Matte tu ape?lipstick ke? yg Mauve it Over? teringin nk beli tu..he2.
yg pink truffle tu lip butter,so die melembabkan bibir sekaligus.
higly pigmented tu maksudnye,,pigmen warna dia byk,,so xperlu apply byk2..biasanya, brg2 makeup ni, cth: eyeshadow, warna die nmpk cantik & terang etc kt pallete, tp bila apply,,warna die kurang (xsepekat apa yg kt nmpk kt pallete tu) so kena tambah eye primer sume supaya warna dia lebih 'true'.

rehan who said...

haah lipstick. suka lipstick2 ana, especially lip butter tu nampak menarik sgt. tp yan ni susah pilih lipstick, selalu rasa mcm lawa, tapi bila pakai warna tak match. lagi2 kalau jenis shimmer/glossy. sebab tu beli matte. hehe.