Monday, May 31, 2010

# 3

 I wish i was little again ,
 when the hardest choice was picking a crayon.

Blue Midnight

It's ten minutes to midnight
I'm all alone in this room
Trying to ignore my surrounding
Trying to create my own world
Of fables and fiction

It's five minutes to midnight
I looked outside my window pane
It's a dark blue sky
No moon lit up the horizon
Not even a trace of a stardust
I never seen such a gloomy night 
It's as if they are imitating what I hide inside
Oh, my..
Never mind this heart

It's near midnight now
I picked up my phone
Dialed up a familiar number
Relieved to hear your voice

Peace upon you, my friend
Pardon my ill-mannered
I just want to say
I miss you,
I pray for your safety
In this world and hereafter

'til we meet again
May you dream of our happy days together
Goodnight and
Sleep tight

# 2

“O children of Adam!

 We have sent clothing 

to you to cover the shameful parts of your body 


 to serve as a protection and decoration;

 but the best clothing is the 

clothing of piety” 


# 1

There's nothing coincidence in this world... 
Everything is inevitable..

Sunday, May 30, 2010


My friends and I went to Bandung Indah Plaza last Friday. On the way back, we met this animal, they called it kuskus. She is so adorable and cute. She even fell asleep on my arm. Xef and I almost bought this sweet and innocent animal for Rp 250,000 but we decided to seek more information of this animal on the internet. This animal also called sunda slow loris. Scientific name: Nycticebus coucang. For more information, go here

Binatang ni bergerak sangat lambat, suka memanjat. Tangan/kaki kuskus macam getah, mungkin supaya senang memanjat. Mata diorang sangat bulat, bulu sangat lembut dan sangat comel. Kuskus makan buah-buahan dan searangga. Bila terancam, mereka menghasilkan toksik di bahagian siku dan mengambil toksik tadi dengan taring dan gigit..arrghh!! Kuskus yang dalam gambar tu tengah tidur di pangkuan tangan saya..aww~ mana lah tak jatuh cinta. Teringin nak bela, tapi takut tak terjaga. Banyak teman serumah yang tak minat sangat sebab dia suka panjat badan orang..hehe.

But, if I ever had any chance of having this animal as my pet, I would name it SUGAR..

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've been channeling my emotions through my words for few months now. My very first poem is 'Two Birds' and since then, the Bluebird has been travelling, meeting new people and venturing new places while trying to  understand his own 'world'.

Many of my poems are related to birds. My cousin, Rehan Who even give a 'theme' to them - "The Bird Chronicles'. I like it. Hehe. Actually, I was inspired to start writing poems because of her. She wrote many beautiful poems herself. It never occur to me that  I could write a poem in English. I never imagine that words are actually flowing inside my head. The inspirations keep coming. When I was washing my hands at the sink, inside the bathroom, and even when I went to sleep. And I'm loving every minute of it. It's like an addiction to me. But, they are still raw and rough. And I'm no better writer than anyone else.

The inspirations come from many different events in my life - jealousy, hatred, madness, loneliness, homesickness, others relationship and even my addiction to makeup. But most of them are about FRIENDSHIP. I sometimes too 'clingy' to my friends.huhu..I wish that I can write more of my religion, then there's 'Bluebird and The Hijabist'. And now my poems are evolving into somehow sweet and temperate.

Up until now I've written 30 poems. My favourites are True Wish/Bind, Bluebird and The Hijabist, Peacock's Painting and Half My Deen.

But lately, it's very hard to find any inspiration. I guess, this thing doesn't comes naturally...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Blush Blush
Go away
I wish that you don't stay
I'm just too shy
I feel like to cry
I ain't bluffing

Am I that obvious?
Is it too visible?
This feelings are surfacing
Through my skin
My heart is beating
Faster and louder
And now I'm sweating
Like I'm this new weather girl

Dear my Blusher Brush
We don't need any more dust
On the apples of my cheeks
As they will turn into
Continuos coral
Whenever I heard his name

Blush Hush
I try so hard not to lose it
But my face keep on flushing
As we sit on this old bench
Saying nothing, Not a word
Slip through my pale lips

I'm not a solid scarlet
Neither a daring rouge
Nor a pretty pink
Just a sheer tan porcelain
But you make me feel like..
I'm the ultimate velvet crush.

Half My Deen

Half my deen
Lies within he
I miss dearly

O' Lord,
To whom do I owe
These left ribs
To whom will I give
This little heart to
This heart of mine
Piled up
With a beautiful feeling
That won't diffuse nor disappear
I promise this

I can't help but
To believe
Somewhere, on this land
That he's meant for me
Just like how
You created me
To be his.

Ya Allah
Let he be
Well and bless
Let he grow stronger in Iman
and follow the Sunnah

My feelings for you, dear
Is so overwhelming
I just can't ignore
It's calling..
Cause you mean
My half deen.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scarlet Letter

Let me tell you a secret
Of my wildest dream
I never meet 
Such a wonderful creature
As he

Not because of his looks
Neither his clothes
But because of his heart
I fall in love

Because of your halo
I can see the light
I can't hear your voice
But your eyes tell me all
I can feel your love
Running through my veins
You treat me
Like your long living queen

Don't let this end now
I beg on my knees
He only offer me a smile
As my hand reach out to him
and whisper to my ear

Do not worry,
For the day will come
We'll be together
By a true bind.